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I began in 1976 pouring concrete in the summer while attending college at the University of Iowa. I immediately realized that I loved all things construction-related. In 1978 the first complete home was built and I knew this was the career for me. In 1982, we built our first super-insulated home and have been building with above-average energy efficiency ever since. This means that what everyone in now trying to learn, we have been doing for 26 years.
Energy efficiency and exceptional workmanship are always top concerns. This is ingrained in everything we do. Our waste stream is just over two percent compared to industry standards of over five percent. All recyclable job site waste is recycled accordingly. This is not only responsible; it saves money in landfill fees as well as landfills in general. Efficient buildings save operational costs throughout their lifetimes.
We are also bucking industry trends by doing as much work as possible in-house as opposed to subcontracting more and more of the work. This puts us more in control of the work, the schedule and means fewer people needing access to the job site.
Eipert Construction also does a lot of community involvement work. In 1986, we built the Ossenbrinck addition to St. Mary’s Church in West Point, Iowa for direct costs only (No Profit). We project-managed the new Lee County Fair building in Donnellson, Iowa for a reduced fee, then supplied almost $4000.00 worth of free labor to help finish the project. We have also donated two days of labor and nine hours of forklift time to help erect the two Welcome to Fort Madison signs. Along with many smaller projects, this is our way of returning something to the area where we make our living.
We are the only home builders/remodelers in the area to house a fully equipped custom cabinetry and moulding shop to complement our projects. We have a complete design-build capability so that any job can be tailored to the homeowner’s needs. These abilities allow us to be the best at what we do, whether building or installing custom-made products, or off-the-shelf items in new construction, remodels or historic restorations.